Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Increase download speed

A good method to increase download speed is to use console downloaders (Axel and Prozilla). FlashGot plug-in in Firefox provides an easy way to administer/change download managers. (Could not yet find a script to use Prozilla with FlashGot, but there is one for Axel. See below.)


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tldm217/
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install prozilla

General usage

        proz download_link

Resume download

        proz -r download link

Limit download speed (at 20000 bps)

        proz --max-bps=20000 download_link

Do FTP search

        proz -s download_link

More download options

        proz --help

sudo apt-get install axel

axel -h

to download from different mirrors

axel -S http://.............

The best thing is to integrate Axel as default download manager in Firefox (through FlashGot) and in Chromium (through Simple Get).

to create script, paste THAT in a text and save anywhere:

cd Desktop
gnome-terminal -e , --command="axel $1 -n 10"


Then set  FlashGot and Simple Get to use that script file as downloader executable.

According to circumstances, Axel or Prozilla will prove the fastest (up to the limit of your bandwidth) or the most able to capture reluctant download links (e.g. Axel may not work in such cases when used as default download manager, so then use Firefox plugins like DownloadHelper, FlashGot, DownThemAll or UnPlug to get that stubborn link in the built-in downloader, so that, although it would not  download, the link would be copied: then, paste it in the terminal with Axel and Prozilla and see what happens.

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