Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Download embedded videos with FlashGot

To get videos from sites like youtube:

1. install flashgot for FirefoxLink

2.running a video should make a download button visible

or go to tools - flashgot - flashgot media

To have best speeds, install Axel downloader:

paste in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install axel

Go to Tools - Flashot-More options -FlashGot Media and set Axel as downloader for that, instead of the built-in one:

see the difference:

Sometimes Axel is not able to get the video, but when it can, it usually uses your best speed possible.
(Except for Rapidshare: they have a new policy of restricting speed so it is better to use the built-in downloader - if you try Axel the response from Rapidshare is to limit your speed.)

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