Thursday, September 13, 2012

Open folder after download with Axel has finished

You just need to add a custom download script that invokes your file manager.
  1. The script (suppose it's saved to /home/USERNAME/axelopen):

    axel -o $2 -H Cookie:$4 -H Referer:$3 $1 xdg-open $2

    don't forget to make it executable.

  2. Add the custom DL manager to FlashGot:

    • Open Flashgot options, and Add the custom manager, setting the executable to /usr/bin/xterm and the arguments as shown below:

    xterm is only used because it is universal. You can also use, for example, gnome-terminal and change the -e to -x; this "run a command" option should be available for your other favorite terminal too.

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