Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dictionaries to install

Great payable dictionaries are absent in Linux, but their windows versions work well in Wine.

In Synaptic there are good English dictionaries. But 'dictionary' may mean the source dictionary or the viewer.

A good and large English dictionary is the gnome-dictionary (displayed in the menu as 'Dictionary') which is a viewer+source (The Collaborative International Dictionary of English ). It has literary examples and  etymology. One of the best in spite of the primitive appearance.

Goldendict is a useful viewer when used for English with Wordnet dictionary and connection to Wikipedia as sources.  It is also the viewer for the 'freedict' dictionaries: these sources are mediocre in spite of their diversity. Amongst them are some eng-fr, eng-ro, eng-lat and many other such "translators" (See Synaptic) of the same low quality.

Littré with the viewer Stardict is a rare but very good and large French dictionary with literary examples and  etymology.

Artha is a decent English dictionary  with the special feature of heaving enabled  a ctrl-alt-w keybind search.

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