Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To join multiple 001.avi etc files

1. use

cat filename.avi.* > filename.avi

2. But it's not the safest.


AVI files -  avimerge

> avimerge is a  versatile tool.  It can contatenate several
>        AVI files into one. It can also be used to fix an index of
>        a broken file and can also replace audio tracks or muxes
>        new ones. It can read raw AC3 and MP3 files for multplex-
>        ing.


`sudo apt-get install transcode transcode-utils`


You can merge avi files with:

    avimerge -i input1.avi input2.avi -o output.avi
It's encoding-free, so joining the parts usually doesn't take much longer than a minute.


Other available options are:

    Usage: avimerge [options]
         -o file                   output file name
         -i file1 [file2 [...]]    input file(s)
         -p file                   multiplex additional audio track from file
         -a num                    select audio track number from input file [0]
         -A num                    select audio track number in output file [next]
         -b n                      handle vbr audio [autodetect]
         -c                        drop video frames in case audio is missing [off]
         -f FILE                   read AVI comments from FILE [off]
         -x FILE                   read AVI index from FILE [off] (see aviindex(1))

3.  http://www.hjsplit.org/linux/

4. http://www.openshot.org/download/

5.  Gnome split

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-split-team/ppa 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install gnome-split 

6.mkvtoolnix-gui Install mkvtoolnix-gui

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