Friday, March 13, 2015

Build and install packages in Arch, Manjaro, KaOS, Netrunner rolling etc

These systems use Pacman (CLI) to install programs.

To install in terminal:

first refresh repos:

sudo pacman -Syu

The generic install command is

sudo pacman -S packagename

Octopi is the Qt GUI for Pacman and is normally the software manager in the Arch-based-or-related systems that use KDE. Those that use Xfce or other GTK desktops will probably have Pamac, which  is a GTK GUI for Pacman. It is similar to Synaptic.

Octopi is able to install from already built packages (.pkg.tar.xz) but not tarball archives (.tar.xz).

Before searching for a program in Octopi be sure to refresh repos.

When the package is absent in repos, it can be built as follows:

Download the tarball package from AUR to (e.g.) ~/Build folder and extract it there, then go in terminal do

cd build/package_name

  • in order to build without installing

makepkg -s
(that will create an archive package .pkg.tar.xz in the package_name folder that can be installed with Octopi)

  • in order to build and install directly

makepkg -si

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