Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Istall Adobe Reader in Ubuntu 14.04

For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (or 13.10), 32 or 64-bit

[ from: http://ask.xmodulo.com/install-adobe-reader-ubuntu-13-10.html ]
Adobe Reader 9 is not in the 'Partner' repository for 13.10 (or later).
  1. Download Adobe Reader (32-bit), from Adobe site:
    From here: ftp.adobe.com .. reader .. 9.5.5
  2. Open a command line, change to the directory containing .deb file.
  3. Install package, forcing to accept 32-bit version and any errors:
    sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i386linux_enu.deb
    sudo apt-get -f install
  4. Add the missing 32-bit libraries: (skip this step for 32-bit)
    sudo apt-get install libxml2:i386 lib32stdc++6
  5. (OPTIONAL) Run for first time, to get icon in Unity menu bar.
    acroread <path>/<MyDocument>.pdf

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