Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Switch keyboard layouts

Alternative to panel tray plugins:
  1.  with a search/launch application like Synapse, Dash, etc
  2. as launchers in a dock or panel 

1. Use Synapse and similar.

The idea is to use the `setxkbmap` command, thus:

setxkbmap us

setxkbmap us intl

setxkbmap fr

setxkbmap ro std_cedilla

And put such commands in desktop files like:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Keyboard US International dead Keys
Exec=setxkbmap us intl

Copying these file.desktop files in /usr/share/applications should make them searchable with launchers like Synapse, Unity Dash, Whisker Menu etc.

2. As launchers.

After creating desktop files as above they can be added (as for any other application) to a panel or dock as launchers.

If put all in a folder they can be stacked together in Plank dock.

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