Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fix internet (google, gmail) fonts

  •  Firefox:
Enter about:config in the address bar.

Search for gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled and change this flag to false. This option will be saved to your ~/.mozilla/firefox/prefs.js file which will then be loaded every time your start your browser.

  • Chrome:
Launch Chrome from the command line:

google-chrome --disable-remote-fonts

KDE4 steps after installing

  • Disable Wallet:
Start System setings
Open Account Details
Go to the "KDE Wallet" tab
Uncheck Enable the KDE Wallet subsystem

  • Disable notification sounds
 System Settings > Application and System Notifications > Manage Notifications > Player Settings > No audio output

  • Enable automatic mounting of some partitions: System settings - Removable devices

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Deadbeef codecs for converting

sudo apt-get install faac flac lame musepack-tools vorbis-tools wavpack