Cinnamon (Linux Mint 17)

  • Right click the bottom panel and edit it. Themes and Applets can be added from there. 
    • Applets: Touchpad.
  •  To make the panel transparent, go into the theme you use and edit `cinnamon.css`:
    • Search for a section beginning with #panel
    • After the last line within the section, insert a new line for example background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.35); (The alpha value ranges from 0 [full transparency] to 1 [full opacity].)
  • To create a launcher or menu item you might need to add `bash` in the command before the path to the executable file.
  • Menu editor accessible from menu configuration window (accessed by right clicking the menu button).
  • Restart the desktop (programs are not closed) with the simple command (Alt-F2): 'r'

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