I have created a special blog on elementary OS, which contains mostly stuff related to my experience with Luna

The new 0.3 Freya seems a great improvement to me, namely the live USB/CD session which now seems more responsive, while even Luna stable was very slow compared to other distros' live session.


 First things to do after installing:


   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 






  • How to add a option like"open terminal here" into the right click menu (Not necessary in Freya): 
 - INSTALL gedit:

sudo apt-get install gedit

sudo gedit /usr/share/contractor/terminal.contract

paste there and save:

 [Contractor Entry]
Name=Open Terminal here
Description=Open Terminal here
Exec=pantheon-terminal -d %U

  • In order to create 'Open folder as root' context menu command - and in order to create any new such command - a new *.contract file has to be created in /usr/share/contractor.
For 'Open folder as root' - that file would have to contain something like
[Contractor Entry]
Name=Open folder as root
Description=Open folder as root
Exec=gksudo pantheon-files -d %U
- To add shortcuts with commands to run a script: the format is `sh path/to/the/script`
 - to make the upper panel (Slingshot) transparent: the file to be altered is apps.css in usr/share/themes/nameoftheme/gtk-3.0

the line to alter is: `background-color: alpha (#000, 0.1);` This line is around in: 

* Panel *

.panel {
background-color: alpha (#000, 0.1);
color: #fff;
font-weight: bold;

In `background-color: alpha (#000, 0.1);` the first value is the color (http://www.colorpicker.com/) and the second is the transparency: 0.0=full transparency, 1=opaque

logout to see changes
- Install Nautilus to have enhanced context menu features.
- To add Mediainfo to Nautilus actions:
sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal 

Create a new gnome-terminal profile called new1 and edit it to stay open after finishing action.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shiki/mediainfo
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mediainfo 
 In Nautilus actions, under Command tab, use gnome-terminal for Command, and for parameters use:
--window-with-profile=new1 -e "mediainfo %f"
In a similar way use Thunar custom actions commands.


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