Manjaro is based on Arch Linux but it is designed for the common user. Main flavour is Xfce so follow the normal Xfce-Thunar trend.

Antergos is similar.

First things to do after installing it, go to Add/Remove software and chose what you want to install just like in Synaptic. Enable AUR (risky) sources to get more.

AUR contains most of the sources that you would normally need to add from PPA in Ubuntu, like the nightly builds and other programs like Synapse, SMPlayer or Bomi.

The install manager (Pamac in Xfce) is able to find programs that are not built yet and to build them before installing them, thus requiring a somewhat longer procedure (tens of minutes instead of minutes).

It migh ttake too long, but in this way more programs are easily installable and the user doesn't need to build them.

General command in Terminal is

sudo pacman -S <packagename>
  • To install fonts copy them to ~/.fonts.

  • Install the MPV player. It can be used as such or with SMPlayer as a GUI.

  • To install Skype (in Antergos):
Skype is in multilib repo. Enable it first by editing pacman.conf. In Terminal:
sudo gedit /etc/pacman.conf
Edit file by uncommenting below lines

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
Then, to update sources and install Skype:
sudo pacman -S skype

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