Windows programs: Wine

Many useful programs that run in Windows have no Linux version. The program Wine enables the use of Windows programs in Linux.

  • To install Office 2007 is easy: here.

  • Foobar2000. I need this player especially for the way it displays my library with the "facets" add-on, for tagging, finding lyrics and displaying them, converting files. For the moment I used it in Linux for displaying my large audio library. But it's buggy and doesn't look pretty. I am not yet able to configure it satisfactorily. See here. 
Anyway, a lot of major and less usual features of Foobar seem to work in Wine, like converting files, getting tags from imddb and editing them. See my post.

  • Format Factory. It seem like working, but I didn't test it enough to be sure.

  • Foxit Reader. Pdf reader and manipulator - I used it a bit, seems to work well. Never found a better Linux-based replacement as far as manipulation of pdf is concerned.

  • utorrent works in Wine - sort of - but it is heavy and unstable. Version 2 or 2.0.2 seems the most stable.  Not recommendable. Better use Linux clients like Deluge, etc.  See this post.

  • ImgBurn seems to work very well, maybe to be used instead of the native burners.  
  • 7zip - works perfectly  - and provides improved details compared to Ubuntu archivers

A great way of using Wine is through the PlayOnLinux front end. An excellent post about that here. I saved it as a post.

To improve Wine programs appearance see this post

Regressions in Wine may be a problem: some programs may work in older versions. Is it possible to run programs in different Wine versions installed simultaneously. See post.

Crossover is a commercial alternative based on Wine. It might be better. See this post